Beginner’s Guide To SEO

With over 80% of all purchases being made after a good Google/Bing search, it has become evident SEO is here to stay. Despite what others may say about SEO being “dead.” It is, in fact, growing stronger with each passing year that technology and the understanding of information on the internet advances.

This post is going to offer insight on what benefits search engine optimization has to offer to business owners and how to set up your first campaign.

Guide to SEO

What Is SEO?

SEO or “search engine optimization” revolves around ranking on major search engines such as Bing or Google or even Amazon. In a literal sense, it is optimizing your website for search engines so that your website ranks organically.

Search engines compile the most relevant and up-to-date websites based on the search query a user makes on their platform. For example, if someone is searching for “soccer nets” Google is going to rank the top ten websites relevant to that keyword or phrase (according to its built-in algorithm) and list them.

The user is able to sift through these websites and pick the one best for them and their needs. Being able to rank so that potential customers or clients can find your website is what Search Engine Optimization is all about.

Benefits of SEO

1) Targeted LeadsSEO will increase rankings

SEO is a fantastic opportunity because it offers targeted leads.

You are going to have people rushing in who took the time to type up a search query related to your niche. This is a hot lead that is going to be far more likely to convert into a sale.

2) 24/7 Marketing

SEO never stops!

This is important because you are not looking for a hit or miss situation. You are looking for a marketing solution that is built for sustained results. This is going to offer that and more as leads will come in at all hours of the day.

3) Massive Reach

You are going to tap into a massive group of people because most individuals are now connected via Bing or Google based on the device they own. This is a worldwide tool.



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Tips For Creating An Effective Search Engine Optimization Campaign

1) Seek SEO Agency or SEO Specialists

This is the most important tip for a business because you want to go to the best. Look at hiring a Search Engine Optimization agency and let them run the campaign from day one. This is where experience does matter. I highly recommend Cameron Minton and his team of search engine specialists over at SEO Santa Monica. Of course being an online service they are also known to be a Northridge Search Engine Optimization agency as well as many other locations in around Los Angeles, California. The team at SEO Santa Monica are highly professional and have the skills and strategies to get your business website(s) ranking on the front page of Google. Just check out their Youtube video below:

The biggest thing to remember is that SEO is an investment and investments take time. Cameron and his team of search engine optimization experts will give you an approximate timetable until you will start seeing results but these type of investments usually can take the better half of a year to gain traction.

2) Research Niche

Take the time to research your niche along with a specialist (if hired) because there is a lot of data out there. You want to learn about your competition, what they are ranking for, and what keywords are best for your site’s needs.

3) Choose Relevant Keywords

Always choose relevant keywords that are going to help your sitekeywords are vastly important in SEO rank. This means avoiding generic one-word keywords that will not rank because everyone is targeting them. You want to have a proper plan. Using the Google Keyword planner along with Google Trends to help you choose keywords. Once you have selected the main keywords you want to rank for, use LSI Graph to generate a list of LSI keywords (aka synonyms) to use as anchor texts so you do not over optimize your web pages.

Beginners will want the fruits of their labor as soon as the campaign is launched and that’s not how SEO works. What you are looking for is SEM were the leads are purchased and will rush in quickly. However, you are also dealing with the added risk of paying upfront before seeing what the lead is all about.

For those who know how to truly dominate the digital marketing world. You know that an effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign consists of many SEO strategies. Search Engine Optimization remains a must for businesses of all kinds who want to increase their sales.

Why SEO vs PPC

PPC adwords vs SEO organic rankingsPPC or “pay per click” marketing is another form of digital marketing, but here you are paying for your ads with tools such as Google AdWords or Yelp Ads. This is a strong way to quickly draw traffic to your site, however, once you stop paying for services you do not have anything to show for your work. On top of that, according to a recent study, only 30% of traffic goes to the paid Ads section on a search engine result page (SERP). Leaving 70% of the traffic or the market, going to the top 5 web pages listed ‘organically” on that SERP.

A strong Search Engine Optimization specialist knows how to not only rank your website but to build digital assets for you that last long after you stop paying for their services. Drawing that 70% of the market to your website and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Once again though it is important to consider taking all elements from PPC to SEO into account to run a strong SEM and/or SEO campaign. SEO is something that is continually changing with Google’s and other search engines algorithms, but it is by far the most effective marketing method on the planet right now, one might say SEO is a superhero to online businesses. If you like this post and want to see more please share our homepage with your friends and family.


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